Thursday, September 4, 2014

Part 3 - How I Became a Writer

Ms. Lennox urged me to write something. Just one thing. So after debating it, and mulling it over in my head I started writing a scene, just to see if I could. Now I know it's rough. And I know I have tense issues. I am still working through these. but here is my first attempt at writing a contemporary romance novel. Be kind...

One look in his eyes and she felt desire deep within her core. Every coherent thought left her brain. An elemental hunger took possession of her body pulling her closer and closer until she was wrapped in his arms. She pressed her cheek against his chest feeling his rapid heartbeat proving he is just as affected as she is. She inhaled the unique scent of him filling her lungs putting her under his spell even more. “Mari, look at me.” Slowly she moved her eyes from his chest to once again look into the depths of his hypnotic eyes. “You must tell me that you want this.” Unable to form the words Mari slowly moves her hand to touch is cheek. “You understand that once I have you, you are mine.” Hearing his words and yet seeing the vulnerability in his eyes Mari answers in the only way she can. “I am yours.”

After I wrote it, I was kinda proud of myself. It wasn't awful. But then I was hit with a dilemma... Elizabeth Lennox wanted me to send it to her. A real life author wanted to read something I had written. That is very intimidating and scary.
It took me a few days and a lot of prompting from EL but I finally got enough nerve up to click send. I mean at least she would get a chuckle out of it.

Much to my surprise…she like it! I thought she was just being nice. But she encouraged me to continue. I think her exact words were, “Where’s the rest of it?”
So, I wrote another longer scene. She liked it and wanted more. By this time I was at about a thousand words. Oh, side note…us "authors" (still giggle when I say that) refer to word counts as “K’s”. Just so you know. Anyway, I kept going until a had 5K and then 10K and then 25K and finally I ended up with over 30K. I had no idea I even knew that many words. Okay, so I used some more than once, but still.

Then came an agonizing conundrum. Do I send it to Elizabeth Lennox to read? I couldn't do it for the longest time. It is hard to explain. If she read it and hated it then there went the theory I believed most of my like…that I could write. If you don’t actually prove the theory wrong, you can still believe it, right?

Then a strange thing happened. Somewhat like the Grinch’s heart growing 10 times larger. I started to have this overwhelming need for someone to read my book attempt.
So I reread what I had written and went back through everything again and again. And finally I sent it to her. And waited.

Bet you would like to know what she said…now you will have to wait. It’s not easy is it? LOL!

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