Monday, September 22, 2014

The Journey to Becoming a Writer Cont.

She said she like it!
I know, I couldn't believe it either. AND she wanted me to write more.
Sure, no problem. I was shaking in my shoes because I didn't know if I could. So I just started adding to the scene I had written. And kept writing. Eventually I had 1000 words. I amazed myself. After re-reading it and re-writing some things I sent it on to Ms. Lennox again.
Her feed back. "It's really good keep going."
By now it wasn't a "game" anymore. I was really into the characters and couldn't wait to get home from work and find out what my fingers had them doing next.
Did I mention that nobody. I mean nobody at this point knew I was writing. Why?
#1. If I couldn't do it then I wouldn't have to own up to my failure.
#2. Are you kidding? Me a writer! Sheesh.
#3. Nobody would believe it. I am the most unlikely contemporary romance writer there has ever been. Just trust me on this. Now, I love to tell people just to see their shocked expressions.

I almost freaked out when I hit 10 thousand words. Then 15, 20, 25, and finally over 30 thousand words. I had written a dog gone book! Me! I did it myself!

By this time Ms. Lennox and I were best buds. At least to me we are. I think I even shocked her. I sent her my finished book and waited...and waited...remember she is a busy author. She has much more important things to do. World travels, deciding which Lamborghini to purchase next, hobnobbing with the rich and famous. Okay, so these were the things I had her doing in my mind. She is really not like that. And I didn't wait long. But it seemed like it.

Her response..."When are you going to publish it?"
Now wait a minute. I was playing around...right?
I can't really write a book. She wanted me to publish it? She even offered to walk me through the entire process.
So I needed to decide if I wanted to open myself up to the criticisms I knew there would be or if I wanted it to always be my little secret, that I could write a book.
By this time my book was a part of me. I know that sounds strange. But I really felt like I would be pushing a child on stage and saying "Dance Gypsy, Dance." (Some of you will get that, most of you will not. I'm okay with that.)
I asked a really good, really smart friend, who happens to be an English major if she would read my book and proof it for me. Of course at first she didn't believe me. Then she was flabbergasted that I had written a book. After the shock wore off she was happy and excited to proof it. And to this day she is still happy and excited to proof my books. Thank you A!

I couldn't wait to see if A liked it. She did! She really, really liked it.
Now I had two people telling me that it was good. Do I believe them or are they only saying that because they didn't want to hurt my feelings?

Another funny thing happened while I was trying to decide whether to publish or not. I started another book! But don't worry It was really awful. I stopped writing it after about 5 thousand words. You know why? Because the sister of the heroine in my book wouldn't get out of my head. She had a story to tell and she was determined I was going to write it. Now, please. I KNOW how that sounds. Don't judge. Okay.

That is when I realized I wanted other people to read my book. Ms. L helped me and on my birthday in 2014 I published my first book. And that folks is how Sweet Surrender came to be.

Since them I have published the second book in the Royal Vow Series Sweet Denial and on Oct 1 of 2014 I hope to publish book 3 of the series Sweet Seduction.

I hope you fall in love with the characters the way I did while writing them. My life has not been the same since Ms. Elizabeth Lennox said, "Just write a scene."

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