Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Part 2 The Making of a Writer

So I told you I love to read, right? Through amazing technology you can now actually chat with real life authors! They have their own Facebook page and you can join and they say things and you can respond to them. I found that out like last year. Ahhhh, okay, I'm a bit behind.
Anyway I immediately joined some of my favorite authors. C.C Mackenzie, Sawyer Bennett, Violet Duke, J. S. Scott, Danielle Boudon and my favorite of all Elizabeth Lennox. 
I really loved Elizabeth Lennox's style of writing. I loved it so much I...composed a short Facebook message to let her know I enjoyed her books and then...and then...I actually clicked SEND!
Now I know what you are thinking. I did too. Authors don't really check their FB messages. They are too busy jetting around the world and buying shoes and going to the spa...they don't have time to actually read their messages. Just let me be clear here. I never expected a response. 
It was enough to me that Elizabeth Lennox's male Adonis personal assistant would mention in passing, as he brought her a mint juleup, that she received another fan letter to add to the 436,000 others she had received...that day.
I got a response. I know, I couldn’t believe it either.
Should I respond back? Probably not, right. It was very nice of her to actually respond but she couldn’t want me to reply to her. I would just keep the message and know that the author that wrote the amazing stories that I loved actually wrote something to me. Just me. Elizabeth Lennox knew my name!
I couldn’t stand it. I replied.
And she wrote back!
I will skip ahead through our emerging friendship. Because now I did consider her a friend. (I am still not sure about her…she may have thought I was a stalker.)
In one of our MANY messages, I told her how much I had always wanted to write.
Hummm, I may have mentioned it a wee bit too many times. Because she finally told me to write something, just one scene… Just do it.

I wonder if I did…stay tuned. I’ll tell ya tomorrow! I may even let you read my very first attempt at writing! So come back OK?

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