Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sweet Temptation Blog Tour!


One week before the release of Sweet Temptation I was asked if I was doing a blog tour to promote the book. Blog tour? What's a blog tour? As I usually do when I haven't a clue about something, I YouTube it. I discovered a Blog Tour is a thing of wonder and I wanted one. The only problem was, they take months to plan. I had seven days. Thanks to Valerie and Tim Hemlin for pointing me in the right direction. I only had to put the need out there to the amazing community of authors and bloggers on Facebook and in a very short time I had offers rolling in! Astonishing! If they didn't have a blog or website, they offered to make promo posts. I can never thank these folks enough for pitching in at the last minute and doing such an amazing job!

Here are the stops on the Sweet Temptation Blog Tour. I encourage you to visit and leave me a comment. I'll select one comment to win a free copy of Sweet Temptation or an upcoming release!

Authorsdb - Be sure and vote for my 2016 Cover!

If I've missed anyone, PLEASE let me know so I may thank you personally.

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